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THREE MODELS OF BSNL TABLETS- Penta Tpad 701r, Penta Tpad_ws704c, Tpad_ws802c with Price starting from 3,250 to 13,500
Recently the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) telecom company has launched the three low cost tablets named: Penta Tpad 701r, Penta Tpad_ws704c, Tpad_ws802c.Pental technologies is a Noida based company who manufactured these tablets. These tablets will be sold with BSNL data plans.

Penta Tpad IS 701r is the cheapest version of tablet from BSNL. It comes with more specification than the Akash tablet.This tablet comes with a 7 inch resistive touch screen with 800 x 600 that runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating System with 1 GHz processor(ARM11 IMAP210), 256 MB RAM, HDMI Port for connecting it to a TV. The tablet has 3000mAh battery and  2 GB internal memory which can be expandable up to 32 GB with microSD card. It also support Wi-fi and 3G Dongal Support. There is a VGA front camera for video calling. Penta Tpad 701r comes with a price tag of Rs. 3250
Penta Tpad_ws704c is the second tablet which goes on to have same specifications as that of 701r but only differing by having 3G radio onboard supporting both CDMA/EVDO and GSM. The camera is upgraded to a 2 megapixel at the rear and also has A-GPS support, Bluetooth and Accelerometer. The RAM is 512 MB thus providing a much faster user experience compared to that of the 701r. Penta Tpad_ws704c comes with a price tag of Rs. 10,999.
Last comes the Tpad_ws802c which is a 8 inch tablet with capacitive screen instead of 7 inch resistive like the other two tablets have. It also have same specification like the other two but with some advancement like it comes with 1.2 GHz processor and 512MB RAM making it fastest among all. The internal memory is also bigger at 4GB. The 802c comes with a price at Rs. 13,500.

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